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Rotary Shoeboxes

Rotary Shoebox Scheme


 As we have been participating in Operation Christmas Child and the shoebox appeal for over 3 years now, we decided to look again at it and to consider any alternatives.

Mary Mason came to talk to us about the scheme run by Rotary. This involves filling shoeboxes (a standard size in a self-assembly flat pack) with toys and household goods, for children, teenagers and adults. These are distributed to street kids, adults in AIDS hospitals, disadvantaged families and women’s refugees in Eastern Europe. The scheme is run jointly with International Aid. 
We decided we would like to give the Rotary scheme a try, especially as it is run by local people who are able to supervise distribution. Garstang Rotary are willing to buy the boxes for us and to take them to the collection point near Southport.
I have put one of the boxes on the window ledge in the church hall, so you can see their size. So no more collection of shoe boxes and no more Christmas gift wrap!
The Managers have kindly offered us the use of an upstairs rooms for storage and offered to buy storage boxes for us if necessary.
 You can fill your own box if you wish, or contribute to the requested items each month as a shared church project, as we did with Christmas Child. We would aim to pack the boxes in October in time for Christmas.

February and March are Toy Months:


In February we will be collecting: cars, trucks, small balls, action figures,
yoyos, fluffy toys and dolls.
In March we will be collecting: writing pads, pencils, coloured pencils, felt tips,
 pens, pencil cases and stickers, plasticine and Lego.
Please note that this is only a guide and hats, scarves and mittens are always needed.
Thank you so much for all you have given in the past and I hope that you feel able to contribute to our new venture.
With every blessing,

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