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Rotary Shoeboxes

Rotary Shoebox Scheme
The Rotary shoebox scheme began in 1994. Rotary clubs from around Manchester and the North West started collecting shoeboxes full of gifts for Romania, in response to the plight of children in Romanian orphanages. There was obviously a great need for even very basic items. Initial help included building a kindergarten in Lasi, a large city in Romania.
In 1997 the shoebox scheme was adopted nationally as a Rotary project. In 1998 it was linked with International Aid, enabling use of their warehouses, transport and contacts.

 The above photo of some of this year's shoe boxes packed ready to go.

Thank you so much for all the things you are regularly contributing to our shoebox appeal.

I find it so heart-warming to see the number of gifts we have received so far.

December and January are Fun Months.We will be collecting:

Cars, action figures, fluffy toys, dolls, playing cards, harmonicas, small games kaleidoscopes, yo-yos etc.

If you are a knitter, please continue knitting – hats scarves and gloves of all sizes are always welcome!

Thank you once again,


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