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Missional Partnerships

North Lancashire Missional Partnership 


On Saturday November 9th, around seventy members and friends gathered to mark and celebrate the Commissioning of the North Lancashire Missional Partnership, which links seven churches in and around Lancaster: Bolton le Sands, Forton, Garstang, Halton, Hest Bank, Sefton Road Morecambe (who hosted the Service), and Trinity Lancaster.

The theme was our journey together, in faith, in mission and in life, and this was reflected throughout in the readings, hymns and reflections. One of the hymns included the line “Exploration brings new insights, changes, choices we must face”. There will certainly be many decisions to be made over the months ahead by the participant congregations. Each church brought to the Service an item of interest which reflected part of their history or heritage, and spoke briefly about it. We took along a copy of Brenda Fox’s excellent history of our church, and some Fairtrade items. There were artefacts of all sorts, but each was appropriate in its own way, and together they illustrated the breadth of experience and resources across the new partnership.


The Commissioning was undertaken by Revd Lis Mullen, who convenes the Steering Group, and she shared Holy Communion assisted by Revd Daleen ten Cate (Mission and Discipleship Mentor) and Revd Dr Irene John, now one of the two ministers who will serve the partnership. The other is yet to be recruited.


At the end of the Service, there was a brief recital by David Tattersall, the accomplished organist at Sefton Road, before everyone adjourned to the hall for tea and cake – what better way to cement a new relationship with each other?


Churches in the NLMP met at Bowerham for "The Big Bash"

Below are some photos from the day. Members were asked to write down useful quotes or sayings on postcards to be displayed at the Greenbelt Festival later in Summer.




A message from Gordon Bell. 

After what seems like a very long wait, the process of forming the new URC North Lancashire Missional Partnership has finally begun. This is the group of seven churches in this area who will share two Ministers, one of them being Irene. The churches are: Garstang, Forton, Trinity Lancaster, Hest Bank, Bolton-le-Sands, Halton and Sefton Road Morecambe. To bring it all about, there is a Steering Group, chaired by Revd Lis Mullen from Windermere, a former Synod Moderator, with a representative from each church (Morecambe has two who will share the role).

The Steering Group had its first meeting on February 26th, and we agreed that our first major task is to produce the Pastorate Profile which will be used in the search for our second Minister. The Elders will be looking at that for us here in Garstang. Once both Ministers are in place, then the Partnership will be formally launched, and at that stage the FLAG Pastorate will cease to exist – although quite naturally we will continue to have close ties with our good friends in Forton and Bowerham.

At some time over the summer, there is likely to be a celebration event to which all members and friends of all seven churches will be invited. Watch out for details!
If you have any questions or suggestions about the Partnership, then please catch me after worship any Sunday.

Gordon Bell (March 2019)




On Saturday, 29th September 2018, Churches from the North Missional partnership came together at the Lancaster Methodist Church to share ideas and ways forward. 

The meeting was inspirational and was led by Daleen Ten Cate, our Missional Decipleship Mentor.

She likened God to the owner of a fleet of ships, with each local church a ship in God's fleet, each with a different purpose and unique design and set of skills.

Daleen's slide presentation can be view by clicking here.

Each Church gave a short presentation on one thing they do well. It was hoped by shring great ideas we could all move forward as Jesus shaped churches.

Each Church's presentations can be seen by clicking here.

More photos of the meeting can be seen under Photos or by clicking here.


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