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Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Windows

The sanctuary at Garstang United Reformed Church includes a number of stained glass windows. At the rear of the sanctuary are the Peace and Joy Windows, designed and installed in 2010 and 2011 by church member Mark Lamey in memory of former members of the Congregation. The windows are illuminated at night to spread their message to passers-by. 

The Peace Window

 Peace Window at Garstang URC

The Peace Window was installed in 2010 in memory of Margaret Stewart.

The central celtic cross image is inspired by the designs of Charles Rennie Macintosh, with the circle representing the worldwide Church of Christ.

The road reminds us of the journey we take in our Christian faith, sometimes straight sometimes winding.

At the end of this road you will find, peace represented in the image of the dove.  

More information about the features of the window can be found in the leaflet available through the link peace window leaflet 


 The Joy Window

Joy Window at Garstang URCThe flowering cross is one of the most potent and beautiful Christian symbols. After the sadness and loss of Good Friday, it perfectly symbolises the joy of resurrection and rebirth.

The Joy Window design is linked to the Peace Window by its base colours and physical structure. The ‘space’ in the composition (the evening sky and the waters beneath) complements the active, decorative areas to create a balanced design.

The highly iridescent glass in the border is called Dichroic glass; it has a microscopic layer of metal on the surface, which bends light in a peculiar, unique manner. This is an ancient glass, rediscovered and refined and today used in the space-shuttle windscreen to deflect the intense heat the craft experiences on re-entry to earth’s atmosphere.

Both windows bring together an ancient craft with modern technology and new ways of expressing Christ’s great message for the earth.

Garstang URC | Stained Glass Windows | Peace and Joy